1922 Dobro ‘Velo Porteur’

1920s Dobro (French)


It’s not really a ‘trade bike’ as it was not designed specifically for commercial use, but this 1920’s French gent’s cycle does have quite a large front carrier and in theory could be used to carry quite a large load on the front.


Why do I say ‘in theory?’ Because it’s also blessed with wooden mudguards so, in practice, using it commercially is likely to break the mudguards. I’ve already broken them even without using it to carry goods. It originally had wooden wheels too.


I’ve included this delightful old bicycle in the Trade Bike Museum because it does nevertheless beggar an interesting question:

“At what point does a sturdily-built non-commercial bicycle with a large front rack become a trade bike?”


It’s packed away in the back of my shed at the moment. When the weather warms up again in a few months I’ll take it out and add some more photos. I’ll lean my Dobro guitar against it for good measure.


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