1930s Royal Enfield Low Gravity Carrier

1930s Royal Enfield Low Gravity Carrier

I’ve been neglecting my delivery bike collection recently. But I had a spare half hour to scan ebay last week and spotted this attractive ‘unidentified’ delivery bike with a distinctive Enfield sprocket.

It was only 50 miles away, so I entered a bid at the last minute and was surprised to win at a reasonable price.

Actually, it made me smile, as I was able to cross-reference the bike with a brochure I’d added to this website to make sure it was definitely an Enfield and not a more common trade bike that had had an Enfield crank added. It was the first time I’d used this site for the purpose it was intended – cross-reference and identification.

So here are some detail pictures at various angles in case you need to identify one.



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