1956 BSA Winged Wheel on BSA Delivery Cycle

1956 BSA Winged Wheel on BSA Delivery Cycle

[I sold this in March 2008]


BSA bicycles are not rare, but good ones are becoming increasingly sought-after. BSA Delivery Cycles are particularly hard to find, so I jumped when I came across this one in Blaby, near Leicester.


You can see a picture of the bicycle itself, as originally purchased, above. The first thing I did was replace the saddle with an authentic period one.


I’d recently swapped an old VAP4 on a Dutch Wonder bike for a restored BSA Winged Wheel.


I knew that the Winged Wheel would go perfectly in the BSA Trade Cycle.


The heavy-duty frame of a trade bike is ideal for cyclemotorizing, because it can handle the extra velocity.


I removed the sign from the cycle ready to have it repainted to advertise the Cyclemaster Museum.




To read more about BSA Winged Wheels and BSA bicycles…

PLEASE CLICK HERE http://www.Cyclemaster.co.uk


BSA Bicycles


B.S.A was one of Great Britain’s most iconic vehicle manufacturers. Enthusiasts the world over appreciate the craftsmanship which went into every single product sold by the company.

From the BSA Handbook (1915)

The great pile of buildings known as the Birmingham Small Arms Works, which forms one of the principal features of the Small Heath District of Birmingham, possesses a history which has for over 50 years run parallel with the National History of the British Empire, and which, in its later years, has closely reflected the changes and developments of the bicycle industry.

Originally formed at the time of the Crimean War, the B.S.A. Company was, for many years, entirely occupied in the manufacture of military rifles and munitions of war, and it was not until the year 1880 that it turned its attention to the cycle trade for which its resources and plant were particularly suited.

With the widened sphere of activities the B.S.A. reputation for fine workmanship and finish rapidly advanced and the names of many of the machines then produced are still remembered as representing the finest examples of cycle construction in their day.

Some years later the B.S.A. Company recognized the growing demand for bicycle components, and very shortly afterwards the B.S.A. Works had to be largely extended to enable it to cope with the rapidly-growing demand for B.S.A. cycle fittings, which quickly achieved a great reputation for accuracy and durability. The Inspection Department for cycle fittings was organized on the system so successfully used in the manufacture of military small arms, and the careful viewing and testing inaugurated in those days and still retained and improved has been responsible to a great degree for keeping up the very high standard of quality and interchangeability which have made B.S.A. famous throughout the world.

A reference to the position of the B.S.A. Company in connection with the great world’s conflict now raging will not be without interest. On the outbreak of war the B.S.A. Company immediately placed their Works and Plant at the service of the British Government, and did not hesitate to sacrifice their private trade in order to more fully cope with the demand for munitions of war. They realized that their first duty lay in the greatest possible production of material that will help to bring about a decisive victory and an enduring peace, and while it is not desirable to publish in detail particulars of the war material produced at the B.S.A. Works, it is safe to say that, after the war is over, everyone connected with the B.S.A. Company—Directors, Staff, workmen, and customers alike—will feel proud at their connection with a concern that has accomplished so much.

THE widespread popularity of B.S.A. manufactures has tempted unscrupulous persons to offer worthless imitations as genuine B.S.A. Fittings. As these fraudulent substitutes are frequently described as “Pattern” B.S.A., it is necessary to caution intending purchasers of B.S.A. Fittings that none are genuine unless they bear our Trade Marks — the Three Piled Rifles or letters B.S.A. — stamped on each part.


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