Brochures: 1912 Tradesman’s Star Butcher’s Bike

1912 Tradesman’s Star Butcher’s Bike

Star Cycle Co Ltd


The 1912 catalogue contains several new models. The top of the range models are now the “Modèle De Luxe” Light Roadster and the “Modèle De Luxe” Lady’s, both of which sold for a modest £12.12s. which shows just how much prices had fallen. There are also the “Superbe” machines; the Star “Superbe” Roadster and the “Superbe” Lady’s, which sold for £6.10s. and £6.15s. respectively.

Another new addition was the all weather and road conditions machine, the “Special R.I.C. Star” that sold for £8 and the similar “All Weather” model that sold for £8.10s. A final addition is the “Tradesman’s Star” that was designed for people such as butchers who made house to house deliveries. The machine sold for £8.

The Tradesman’s Star has a frame that’s built of the best extra gauge weldless steel tubing, greatly strengthened with strong liners at every joint. It has 28″ wheels with Warwick tyres and is fitted with the Star ball bearing free-wheel and a roller chain. It is finished with 3 coats of brilliant black, green or red enamel and comes complete with a nameplate, carrier and basket.


It seems that cycle production ended in about 1915 when Mr. Harry Jones, who had been a foreman frame builder at Star took over the designs and started to produce his own machines. He started building cycles at works in Church Lane under the name of Mount Cycles and later moved to premises in Cleveland Street. He built machines and frames to special order for specialised cycle makers. The company stayed in business for many years, and was still trading in the mid 1940s.


In 1903 Star introduced their bicycle trailers; the “Tradesman’s Carrier” and the “Trailing Carriage”, maybe as a response to Sunbeam’s “Ricksha” cycle trailer that was launched at the end of 1901. The Star “Micrometer” free-wheel now replaced the Star ball clutch free-wheel and the Coaster Hub was available as an alternative to the Star free-wheel and the Bowden band brake.

The Star Tradesman’s Carrier is a covered bicycle trailer that is designed for the use of tradesmen when making calls or deliveries. It consists of a wooden box that is fitted with a zinc lid, lid chain and lock. Extras include a zinc lining to suit butchers, fish and poultry dealers, or dairymen, and gold lettering of the customer’s choice.

It is fitted with black rims and best quality cushion tyres, and sold for £8.10s.

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