Brochures: East London Rubber Co – ELRCO Ltd

East London Rubber Co – ELRCO Ltd

Dragonfly Carrier & Saxon Carrier

elrco copy

Dragonfly Defiance Carrier & Dragonfly New Carrier

elrco2 copy


Kerry Duplex Carrier

Tradesman’s Sidecar

The Akerne

Perry’s Patent Sidecar

elrco3 copy


The Duros & Spartan range

Perry’s Easy-Steer

The Defiance

elrco4 copy


Kerry Cycle Sidecars for Children

Sandum Sidecar

Tandem Sidecar

Platfrom Sidecar

Milkman’s Sidecar

elrco6 copy

elrco7 copy


Sandum Sidecar & Duros Box Tricycle

elrco5 copy


1937 Dragonfly Sports De Luxe

Dragonfly Tandem

elrco8 copy


East London Rubber Co – ELRCO Ltd

211 Shoreditch, London


The Duros bicycle, pictured above, was manufactured by ELRCO around the turn of the century. From 1903, the company also sold Kerry bicycles and motorcycles. These were actually re-badged Sarolea motorcycles imported from Belgium.

Abingdon started making motorcycles in 1903 with a 2.5 hp Minerva engine (as Coxeter & Sons) and also used Fafnir engines. They subsequently changed their name to Abingdon-Ecco, making its own four-stroke 350cc single and 794cc V-twin engines.

Between 1907 and 1915 ELRCO joined forces with Abingdon, and during this time the motorcycles were known as Kerry-Abingdon.

ELRCO subsequently changed their name to Kerry (Great Britain) Ltd, with headquarters at Warton Rd, Stratford, London E15. In the 1950s they made a moped, the Kerry Capitano, with an Italian Testi engine.

A Man, a Kerry, His Wife, and a Trailer…

1903 Kerry Standard


1904 Kerry Tricar



1920 Kerry Tyres



1939 Defiance, Duros and Spartan range




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