1924 James Carrier Cycle Model D1

1924 James Carrier Cycle Model D1

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The James Cycle Co Ltd made commercial tricycles, heavy duty motorcycle sidecars and motorized three-wheelers. The box-trike pictured in the brochure below is from 1913.

1913james_boxtrike copy

Below is a page from the 1928 James catalogue, illustrating the James Carrier Cycle models D1, D2 and D3.


And the 1928 James Box Trikes – Models A1 and A2 – can be seen below.


Finally, you can compare the motorcycle commercial sidecar. Motorcycle commercial sidecar outfits competed with commercial three-wheelers in the early days.


The main advantage, of course, was that having used the commercial outfit for work during the week, you could remove the sidecar at weekends and use it solo…


For history of the James Cycle Co, you visit this page at

The Online Bicycle Museum


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