1951 Cyclemaster Roundsman Gundle Model ‘RR’ Dual-Carrier Tradesman’s Delivery Bicycle & Sidecar

1951 Cyclemaster Roundsman Gundle Model ‘RR’ Dual-Carrier with Commercial Sidecar


Here’s a little number assembled for my spring collection this year, and featured in Cyclemaster Museum displays at various shows in 2008.

This Gundle carrier cycle had its Cyclemaster engine fitted many years ago.

The sidecar is a 1930’s Watsonian Juvenile chassis, with the body removed and a metal trunk fitted in its place.

The Gundle Model ‘RR’ bicycle is a factory-fitted dual-carrier.

My friend Barry couldn’t resist taking it for a spin around Amberley when we exhibited at one of their shows in May 2008.

It rides well, though it takes a while to get used to a sidecar on your bicycle.

The dual-carrier would have made for a very heavy load on a normal bicycle, unless used for delivering lightweight items such as bread.

The close-up above illustrates some of Barry’s handiwork in adapting the sidecar chassis.

The advert below for the Cyclemaster Roundsman boasts of potential payloads of up to 1cwt.


I wouldn’t like to ride a bicycle with 1 cwt in the front basket. An additional rear carrier would, in theory, spread the load. But, of course, shopkeepers would have probably just forced twice the load on an unfortunate young delivery rider.


Gundle Model ‘RR’ Dual Flat Carrier

You can compare the Model ‘RR’ with its picture in the brochure, below

I’m surprised there aren’t more dual-carriers around these days, but it’s now rare to see one.

Compliments from Gundle…


Gundle handymotor carrier bike

I’ve been threatening to build a Gundle “Handymotor” Carrier cycle, as above, with a Vincent Firefly fitted, for some time now. If I manage to find another RR Gundle I’ll give it a go.

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