1983 Pashley Post Office Bicycle

1983 Pashley Post Office Bicycle

03PO16 copy.jpg

This Post Office delivery cycle is in excellent condition. Pashley cycles are superbly made, with strong frames. As vintage bicycles become more collectible, those built for specific purposes, such as this, appreciate more than others.

I don’t normally collect bicycles this new. But I find it hard to resist any commercial bicycle in such good original condition.

You can read about the early history of Pashley on an earlier page (entitled 1950’s Pashley Grocer’s Delivery Tricycle)

In the 1960s Pashely supplied the Post Office after the factory of the previous Post Office suppliers (the Co-op) was closed down. The initial contract was split between Pashley’s, Wearwell and Harmanco.

Eventually Pashley’s took over the entire contract and so it remains to this day. With a current fleet of around 37,000 bikes the Royal Mail, as it is now known, remains Pashley’s largest customer. When tendering for contract recently Pashley produced the revolutionary Mailstar bike.

01PO9 copy.jpg


04PO17 copy.jpg

05PO6 copy.jpg



PO copy

PO_history copy1

PO_history copy2

po4 copy


06PO9 copy.jpg

07PO18 copy.jpg

08PO14 copy.jpg

09PO3 copy.jpg

10PO4 copy.jpg

11PO5 copy.jpg


12PO13 copy.jpg

13PO12 copy.jpg

po2 copy1

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  1. […] but in most other ways things had not changed for 80 years or more. We had electric light, but the cycles were still the same as they had been in 1939 with rod brakes and no […]

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